Sunday, January 11, 2009

Make it more - the 3G pie

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The new directions coming from the government is the idea of making the 3G license bidding regions called circles from existing 5 to 8. This is in line with the governments intention of making the most of revenue out of the 3G spectrum auction. A larger number of circles would make the amount for each region cheaper but would increase the total kitty. This would also allow smaller players to bid where it was difficult for them to foot the amount for a larger circle earlier. This move will be seen as a small bit done by the government for local players. As we can see the large players would like to have a bigger subscriber base in a bigger circle and would be ready to pay for it.

It has to be seen if the technical persons can give a go ahead about the new circle plan after looking at the feasibility of allocating spectrum in 8 new circles. There might be other objections for the new scheme from other stakeholders like telcos, other ministries, regulators and other policy bodies before a decision is visible. Auction might be possible in the near term only in Feb 09. In the meanwhile the telcos can strategize and restrategize for their best deals. 3G spectrum auction is moving at a slow and steady pace and we will have to see if all the players - the government, the telcos, the vendors and the content providers can cook up an exciting fare in time for the party.


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