Sunday, May 10, 2009

Motorola's iDEN phone - clutch it

Motorola has launched the Clutch i465 recently. This phone seems to be a serious communication device. The Clutch uses a new PTT technology called iDEN which gives a PTT performance not found in any other phone in the market. PTT is gradually getting to be mainstream and this phone would make it more attractive.

The Clutch sports a full QWERTY keypad enabling double-thumbed fast messaging making heavy texters feel at home. The messaging application supports IM-style threaded messaging which is becoming common nowadays. With a nice form factor, light weight (96 g) and long talk time, the Clutch is a statement from Motorola - text or talk, this is the direction. The Clutch is a ruggedized phone. It is designed to work in some tough conditions like a typical road warrior would use it.

On the negative side, the camera is VGA which is passe in the media-centric market. A higher resolution camera would have given the Clutch a more rounded out character.