Friday, October 26, 2007

Number Portability Directions

Mobile number portability has been introduced in the U.S. , the U.K., Australia, Korea, Japan, Canada, Pakistan and most countries in Europe. Introduction in India needs a push from the telecom department in terms of setting firm goals for the telcos. Telcos obviously are apprehensive about the move since they have to invest a lot all for opening the gates of churn. But they have to realize that number portability would make them more competitive and better organizations striving to meet the expectations of their subscribers and raise their levels.

Since number portability has been on the table for quite some time now, I am sure telcos would have had devised their strategies for it. The telecom department can go ahead on this front boldly as the move is after all a long overdue benefit due to the consumers. One opportunity for the telecom department is to mandate number portability for all new 3G service rollouts. This can be a given for the telcos so they do not have to complain at a later stage. This is good also as 3G with its focus on value-added-services has an inherent deterrence on churn.

There is one more point in favour of the telcos going in for number portability. What it is! Their new 3G services will take off well with number portability introduced across the spectrum of services. 3G adoption will be faster with number portability.

One more thing I can see is that telcos would start looking at new markets including rural hinterlands as part of their number portability strategy offsetting telecom department's apprehensions on this front.

To conclude this piece, I believe after the initial churn Indian telcos would learn to manage it quite well by building value and devising strategies.


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