Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Nokia, Motorola, Qisda gear up to launch WiMax devices in 2008

Digitimes reports that Nokia, Motorola and Qisda (formerly BenQ) are gearing up to launch WiMax devices in 2008. Motorola has plans to release a dualmode CDMA/WiMax handset in the first half of 2008. Nokia is expected to launch an Internet tablet around the same time supporting WiMax. Taiwan-based Qisda plans to launch an EDGE/WiMax device in 2008.

In most markets 3G spectrum auctions are around the corner and service providers in some countries such as India have already thought to have completed trials of WiMax technology.

Handset manufacturers are gearing up for the launch of their devices in time for availability when the 3G rollout happens.


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