Wednesday, July 8, 2009's take : Android vs. Chrome OS

Official Google Blog: Introducing the Google Chrome OS
This is a bit of surprise to see Android overlooked as a netbook OS. There was very little time to speculate with Android what with some netbook vendors already readying it as a netbook platform and here comes Chrome OS from Google directly and I'm just left thinking if Chrome was so big to be greater than a browser. Well, the two letters OS might make it an entirely different thing from the browser.

Chrome "OS" is a pun on open source which is what its going to be with Google's announcement to that effect. Android too is open source with some nice touches to the licensing like the device makers not mandated to share their tweaks of the OS. It suits the device vendors to enable easy adoption of the OS which has been a success with the rapidly increasing use of Android on phones. How will Chrome OS be in terms of its licensing? It does not make a difference however, but imagine a scenario where a lot of vendors make a lot of different flavors of Chrome OS to give themselves the edge. It would give a respite from having to choose one interface and one set of "apps". We know its the way it works on phones and cradle our Nokias, Samsungs. Motorolas and SonyEricssons. There are a lot of things going against this way of things in case of PCs. In case of phones there is a lot of difference in the hardware that goes in and the phone vendors do break a sweat in configuring the best hardware set for a given cost. On PCs we expect the same set of features from the netbook to the workstation that gives less chances of innovation than a phone. By design a PC is a lot less personal than a phone, but still we don't how the netbook story is gonna go from now. In the meanwhile somebody think of better ways to enter text and point in netbooks -for my big fingers!


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