Monday, August 18, 2008

Soul searching for Symbian

A nice editorial feature on AAS on what makes most impressions. If it is a phone the impressions are with an iPhone and not an N95 8GB. Steve, here deliberates on the impression factors like screen size, brightness, vivid colors, form factor. Added with a new way of interacting with gadgets it makes the package irresistible. Symbian phone makers - Nokias and Samsungs should weigh in these factors too even though their numbers are healthy.

A lot of phones out there could do a lot more than the iPhone, but for an iPhone user these might be the features that she does not bother about. Even some of the power users, would have realized the shortcomings of iPhone later and bore with it. That is the effect of impression-based sell.

The economics of handset development is skewed towards incremental development where the life of a base model gets extended with minimal changes to the basic interfacing for umpteen models and that's what happens when you have successful model like the Nokia N Series. A close study will show that even without touch, the Symbian interface needs a makeover to create that cool impression with ordinary folks.


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